What Caravan Accessories Should You Consider before Setting out on a Trip?

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Australia is a big country with plenty to see and is a perfect place to own a caravan. If you've just taken delivery of a new one, you may be eager to do some exploring. Before you head off, you should pick up some all-important accessories to make things much easier for everyone in your party.

Safety Components

As you are driving around this beautiful country, you will want to make sure that you are as safe as possible. To overcome some of the blind spots in your mirrors, consider buying some special towing extensions. This will allow you to see all the way down each side of the rig that you are towing, as well as keep an eye on the traffic coming up behind you. You should also fit a rear-view camera behind the caravan and connect it to your dashboard. This will give you extra confidence when backing up your rig at any time.

Cooking Accessories

Of course you have to look after your tummy, first of all. The very first thing to look for should be a portable, compact grill. You will find a lot of choices, with versions that have been specially made for caravanners that have stainless steel burners, aluminium bodies and grills that are resistant to rust. These are very functional, easy to look after and remarkably efficient. You will certainly get to enjoy your steak, just the way you like it.


You will want to connect a few LED lighting fixtures. These are quite easy to install and fit even in the most difficult to access places around the caravan. They don't use a lot of power, either. You can fix one outside to help you see how that steak is progressing on the barbecue.

Portable Power

When the sun starts to go down over the horizon and you start to settle in for the evening, you will want to fire up some of those portable devices and laptop computers. Get hold of a small generator for this purpose. Don't worry about not being able to hear all the sounds of nature, however, as these models are very quiet. Alternatively, you could collect the power of the sun during the day by fitting a solar panel connected to a battery. This will be enough to give you 12 V power for lighting, television and pump. Choose the model according to its capacity and battery power and according to the components you are going to be connecting to the system. The different models will have clear instructions to advise you on what you should need.