Five Tips for Hiring a Fishing Boat in the Extreme Heat

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Hiring a fishing boat is a great way to spend a sunny day, but if temps are excessively high, you need to ensure you are prepared for the heat. In addition to wearing a sunhat, bringing sunscreen and staying well hydrated, there are some other tips you should implement. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Hire a fishing boat with a built in sunshade.

If possible, look for a fishing boat that has a built-in sun shade. In lieu of that, bring your own shade, and pop a few sun umbrellas around the boat. Use rope and carabiner clips to secure your umbrellas to the boat to make sure they don't fly off in the wind.

2. Schedule your fishing excursion in the early morning or evening.

To avoid the heat, don't take the hired fishing boat out during the mid-day sun. Instead, take it out when the temps are cooler in the very early morning, late afternoon or early evening. If you take it out during the high noon sun, make sure to monitor yourself and your family or friends for signs of heat exhaustion.

3. Bring shoes.

If you like to hang out on the beach barefoot, don't continue that pattern in the boat. Make sure that you, your children and anyone else on the boat has shoes. Unfortunately, the deck can get hot underfoot, but luckily, shoes can prevent your feet from getting burnt. If you are taking a dog, remember that their pads can be sensitive to super hot surfaces, and provide shade as needed to protect your dog's paws.

4. Reapply sunscreen to your hands and other body parts as needed.

Don't forget that sunscreen can wear off after a while, especially if you are sweaty or if you jump off the boat to go swimming. Remember to reapply your sunscreen as needed throughout the day. Pay special attention to your hands, and remember that they are likely to need sunscreen applied more often than any other body part as they get wet while touching fish, using your net and performing other fishing tasks.

5. Make sure the fishing boat has a first aid kit.

The effects of heat exhaustion can be serious, and in extreme cases, if someone on your group gets extreme heat exhaustion, they may get dizzy, fall and hurt themselves. To deal with issues like this, you need a first aid kit. Most hired fishing boats should have one, but you may want to check just to be sure.