How To Back Up Your Camper Trailer Easily

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If you're new to camping and you're planning on using a camping trailer, one of the first skills you will need to master is how to reverse and manoeuvre the trailer.  It's really all about technique and practice; here are some helpful tips on how to reverse your camping trailer.

How to reverse your trailer 

In order to reverse the trailer in a specific direction, you must move the back of your towing vehicle in the opposite direction.  Although this sounds quite simple in principle, it can feel like trying to pat your head whilst rubbing your tummy and can become very confusing!

The most important rule is to take your time and reverse slowly.  Bear in mind that as you continue to reverse whilst turning, your towing vehicle would continue to travel in the opposite direction.  This could eventually lead to 'jack-knifing', where the side of the towing vehicle could actually come into contact with the side of the trailer – something you really want to avoid!  You can avoid jack-knifing by taking the steering lock off, driving forward for a couple of feet and re-presenting your trailer at the target area. 

When you start reversing, a really good tip to help avoid confusion when manoeuvring your trailer is to put your hand onto the bottom of your steering wheel, rather than holding the top.  If you want to turn your trailer to the left, move the steering wheel to the left and vice versa.  This clever technique removes the likelihood of confusing which way to turn the wheel.

Reversing aids

A very useful camper trailer accessory is a reversing camera.  This device is made of a small camera that is fitted to the back of your trailer, above the number plate, and a display screen that's fitted in the cab of your towing vehicle.  A reversing camera allows you to see behind you without having to twist around or rely on your wing mirrors for visibility.  You simply turn on the device and monitor your progress on the screen in front of you.  Most models of reversing cameras have a night vision facility so that you can still see what you're doing, even if you arrive at a campsite after dark.

Reversing your camping trailer need not be something that you dread every time you take a trip.  Just follow the simple tips outlined above for smooth, hassle-free reversing.  Reversing can be made easier by purchasing a reversing camera; ask at your local camping trailer accessories store for more information.