Tips On Maintaining Your Artificial Grass Tennis Court

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If you're having a tennis court constructed, you might want to consider having one made from artificial grass so that you can enjoy the look of a grass court, but without the hassle of maintaining the real thing.  Although it's undoubtedly easier to look after fake turf than grass, there is still some maintenance work that you'll need to carry out to keep your court in great condition and prolong its life.  Read on for more information.

Removing surface debris

In order to keep the playing surface even and in good condition, you must regularly remove any bits of dirt and debris from the turf.  Pick up rubbish and fallen leaves by hand and brush the court every couple of weeks to keep dust to a minimum.  Brushing ensures that the pile remains upright so that the ball bounce remains predictable.

Your court will be constructed with a membrane underneath it to prevent vegetation from growing through.  However, if organic matter and soil is allowed to accumulate on the surface, shallow-rooted weeds may grow and the drainage may be compromised.  Weeds are best dealt with by applying a proprietary weed killer to kill them, and then removing them by hand.


Although your artificial turf tennis court will be robust and hardwearing, it may acquire surface staining from time to time.  The easiest way of removing marks from the turf is to simply wash it with a solution of warm water and washing-up liquid. 

Marks such as oil stains can be shifted by blotting them with a small quantity of white spirits on a clean cloth. 

Set some rules for use of the court

It's a good idea to ban players from chewing gum whilst on court.  In the event that gum does become embedded in the court surface, scrape the excess away with a blunt knife and use white spirits to remove the rest from the individual grass blades.  If players take drinks onto the court, they should be contained in plastic bottles, never glass.  Broken glass can tear the turf's membrane, which could damage the drainage.

Synthetic grass is made from plastic and will therefore melt if exposed to direct heat.  Keep bonfires and fireworks well away from the court and invest in some 'No Smoking' signs to be placed at the entrance.

Small kids and animals are best kept off the court unless closely supervised.  Although dogs should be unable to dig through the membrane, scrabbling claws can still cause damage to the grass blades and little kids may be inclined to pick at them, causing bald patches.

Although it's safe to use a wheelbarrow during maintenance of your synthetic turf court, heavier vehicles, such as quad bikes, could crush and damage the grass. 

In conclusion

A good quality synthetic grass tennis court should last for many years if maintained correctly.  Follow the above guidelines and have a chat with a tennis court builder like Premier Sports & Leisure for more information and advice.