4 Helpful Tips When Installing a Caravan Stone Guard

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Caravan stone guards help to protect your caravan from any road debris, such as stones, that may be kicked back by the wheels of the tow vehicle. Those stone guards can only do their work if they are installed correctly. This article discusses some helpful tips that you should implement as you install a stone guard on your caravan for the first time.

Angle the Stone Guard Downwards

It is advisable to ensure that the stone guard that you install is angled towards the body of the caravan. This position is better than one in which the stone guard forms a 90-degree angle with the ground. An angled stone guard is able to deflect objects downwards so that they don't bounce back towards the tow vehicle. An angled stone guard therefore protects both the tow vehicle and the caravan from the risks posed by road debris.

Tension the Stone Guard Correctly

You should avoid tightening the stone guard excessively because stones are likely to bounce off that taut surface. Such stones can then damage the back screen of the tow vehicle. Keeping the guard a little loose enables it to absorb some of the energy generated by the flying stones. This prevents them from bouncing back towards the tow vehicle. Similarly, you should avoid leaving the stone guard to be too loose because some materials, such as vinyl, can stretch when you are towing your caravan during hot weather. The stone guard can then look loose and shabby if it expands excessively. Follow the suggestions given (when you purchase the stone guard) on how to tighten the stone guard in order to avoid the risks discussed here.

Center the Stone Guard

Start the installation process by marking where the different pieces of mounting equipment will go in order to hold the stone guard in place. Afterwards, begin the installation process with the middle of the stone guard. This approach will ensure that the stone guard is correctly centered at the front of your caravan so that it doesn't look unbalanced.

Reseal the Corners

You may be required to remove the corner trim on your caravan in order to slip the edges of the stone guard into the frame of the caravan. Buy a sealant from an auto repair shop so that you can use it to prevent water from infiltrating into the front of the caravan once the stone guard is in place.

Follow the tips above in order to install the stone guard quickly and effectively. Ask an experienced caravan owner or an expert for guidance in case you encounter any problem during the installation process.